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General practitioners
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Tremain Media is a media representation agency,
specialising in the health care professional space

We have decades of experience and knowledge to help with your print and digital advertising requirements and can formulate a campaign strategy with the media platforms we represent

Our expertise in print and digital, plus understanding of the codes and guidelines, and the approvals process that pharmaceutical advertisers must follow, provides you with the extra professional support.

Such support is an advantage for you to draw on our know-how and creativity to assist with the best media to communicate your message to HCPs, develop a carefully thought out advertising campaign or just simply bounce some ideas.

Whatever your requirement, we have the understanding, ability and market data to help you optimise your strategy to successfully and effectively connect with Australia's health care professionals.



General Practitioners

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is Australia's largest general practice organisation supporting more than 40,000 members. The range of print and digital channels offer leading reach in print and digital formats, delivering the most engaged media by GPs



Australia’s leading medical journal and largest audience of 36,000+ practising GPs and GPs in training.

AJGP is the premium communication platform to efficiently connect with GPs in Australia


CPD activity directed by the RACGP and commissioned with expert clinicians.

Each module focuses on a particular topic.

38,000 GPs and GPs in training are provided access online and or in hard copy

newsGP eDM

37,000 recipients receive from every Tuesday to Friday, linking news headlines to the newsGP website. Open rates 47%

newsGP Saturday highlights the most-read stories of the week. Open rates 51%


Coinciding with the delivery of the AJGP journal, 38,000 GPs and GPs in training receive the eTOC highlighting the latest articles and direct link to articles on the AJGP website. Open rates 39%

check eDM

Monthly eDM providing direct access to new accredited education activity. Subscriber base of 38,000 with 51% open rates


The hub for GPs to access support, knowledge and news; 1.3 million website sessions and 2.2 million page views per month


Open access site to
view current or previous issues and search clinical articles

350K page views a month


Australia’s most popular news hub for GPs sourcing general practice news

890K page veiws a month


The Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) is the peak organisation supporting the professional development of 11,000 paramedics and students across Australia and New Zealand. ACP engages members with the only magazine for paramedics and a fortnightly general news eDM and a monthly education news eDM



The only paramedic magazine in Australia and New Zealand publishing content of relevance to paramedic and emergency medical care.

Circulating to 11,000 paramedics, graduate members and members in training.  

pulse edm.jpg

Pulse eDM

Weekly newsletter focused on education opportunities provided by the College.

Sent every Tuesday to 13,000 members and non-members

Rapid Response eDM

ACPs monthly newsletter providing current and important information and activity highlights to 11,400 subscribers

Rapid Response eDM

ACPs monthly newsletter providing current and important information and activity highlights to 11,400 subscribers

rapid response edm.jpg

Rapid Response eDM

ACPs monthly newsletter providing current and important information and activity highlights to 11,400 subscribers

Primary health care nurses

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) is the peak body for nurses working in primary health care and communicates with 29,000 members by a weekly eDM and bi-annual journal offering valued media to reach primary health care nurses in GP clinics, pharmacies, schools and other community health settings


Primary Times

APNA’s research and news publication distributed to  6000 APNA members twice a year; May and November

The Connect eDM5.jpg

The Connect eDM

APNA's weekly newsletter sent every Monday to 26,000 members and subscribers



More than two decades of service

We specialise and embrace the role as media representatives in the professional health care market and alleviate professional health care publishers of the complete management of advertising sales, administration and media development.

Explore what's possible

With decades of experience, and the development of countless and varied campaigns, we have the insight to know what works and create an advertising plan to gain the best possible reach. Let us know your objectives and we can select appropriate print and or digital sources to match a campaign strategy and budget.

Representing RACGP, ACP and APNA

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), The Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) and Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) has appointed Tremain Media to service advertisers and their agencies regarding all aspects of advertising with their print and digital platforms


As we all expect a certain level of service with helpful advice and information, Tremain Media strives to provide a professional service with every request within a timely response.
Whether we are speaking to an advertising agency or a small business our approach is always the same so you can make an informed decision.



Seeking assistance and or need a media kit?

Contact Tremain Media and tell us about your requirements to reach health care professionals.


Complete and submit your details so that we can assist


PO Box 5217

Turramurra NSW 2074


Thank you, will be in touch soon

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